Let's work together

Aja is always looking for new collaborations between other organizations, universities, companies and people trying to make a difference in the world. Here are a few ways we can work together to make a difference. 



Aja's projects span from stray kitten rescues to habitat rehabilitation and building orphanages in Africa. There is no project too big or too small. Her philosophy is that all lives matter and she manifests that in everything she does. Her drive and passion overcome the most difficult of situations. She has dedicated her life to giving back. She gives much of her time and resources away with no compensation or reward. Aja says, "The greatest gift in life is to give without receiving anything in return". It's about every smile, wagging tail and hug she can get.  



Aja has spoken at schools from elementary to university level on traveling, sustainability, animal advocacy and poverty. Her talks shed light on the good fortune of living in a developed nation and the realities of the lives of over 90% of the rest of the world. She breaks the boundaries of color, religion, gender and social stigmas. She has presented at conferences and events around the country and continues to spread her compassion and light through each individual she touches. 


Photography & Film 

Aja is a documentary film-maker and photographer. If you are looking for a photographer willing to go the distance, you've found the right one! Aja's keen eye and ability to connect with and anticipate her subjects and surroundings can capture the right visuals for your organization. Let her to tell your story through stunning visual aids that will captivate any audience. 



If you are looking to collaborate on a project, film, photo series, or compassionate venture, Aja is open to new ideas and partnerships. Aja specializes in sustainability, animal welfare and poverty eradication and holds a masters in Global Sustainability with specialties in water security, human-wildlife conflict and development. Her expertise spans from development in emergent countries to redevelopment in first world countries. There are also opportunities to travel and volunteer with Aja to the developing countries she works in.