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“Compassion has the power

to change the world.”




Aja has a profound love for all animals...especially baby goats!


Aja Nikiya is a global humanitarian, award winning film maker, photographer, public speaker and activist for animals and under served populations. She has bridged her expertise in project development, marketing, and activism to help communities in extreme poverty develop sustainable solutions that preserve biodiversity and inspire global citizenship. Aja is catalyst for change and a voice for the voiceless. 

The Linchpins of Dead Dog Island

When a group of courageous, relentless and compassionate women come together, they will stop at nothing to save the street dogs of Puerto Rico.

Conscious Compassion

The state of being aware of one's compassion and doing something about it. Extending our circle of compassion to people, animals and environment is the only way forward.



We feel for the homeless, the poor and sick. But what are we doing to make a difference in our community and beyond? Extend your circle of compassion beyond familiar faces. Help a stranger, donate to a charity or volunteer with a local organization. Maybe even take a mission trip to Africa!



Most of us are animal lovers. We adore our dogs and cats and would never think of harming an animal purposely. And yet each day we consume products that torture and abuse animals. To really help animals, we need to be more conscious consumers and minimize the animals we eat and wear each day. 



I'm sure you are already recycling...right? But what else can you do to make an impact for the planet you live on? Reducing your carbon footprint through simple and convenient solutions is easier than you think. Be conscious of what you buy and throw away.  And be grateful for all that nature does for us.